Become aware of your playful side to live lightheartedly through the challenges of everyday life. PALLAVIDINI caters to independent women who have achieved important goals and are always dreaming of new goals to achieve, love beauty and know how to laugh at themselves, knowing that in their lightheartedness lies great power.

The sphere, rotating on itself around its own axis is a metaphor for dynamism that envelops theessence. Rotating the sphere between one's fingers leads to a sense of lightheartedness and rediscovery of one's childlike spirit.

Wearing this jewelry gives lightheartedness and reminds us to live free from conditioning and judgment. Playing is not shame or sin, but is the best part of life as we strive to reach our goals.

PALLAVIDINI offers an unlimited warranty certificate on each piece of jewellery.

18k yellow gold and diamond necklace with natural pink corals diameter mm 4.60 rotating on themselves. Length 95 cm and three different wearing possibilities depending on the style sought.


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