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Iconic, precious and dynamic, Pallachegira is the collection in which the sphere is the absolute protagonist of the jewelry.
Hold the sphere in your hands, spin it around and return to your boyish side and that lightness too long neglected.

The Jewels

Pearls, corals, turquoise, and high-end gemstones, along with gold and diamonds, represent what is most precious and perfect in a piece of jewelry that is loaded with symbols and meanings.

"There is sunshine inside me."
"The energy of your inner child."
"The luxury of a heart that has remained bratty."
"Instinct and spontaneity are the existential navigator."
"Your secret weapon is lightness."
"When guilt comes, smile and chase it away."
"I think fun is a serious thing."
I. Calvin
"A child's joy turns sadness upside down."
"You know you could spend months hanging from a kite."
V. Rossi
"Release your inner child."
"I always see everything pink."
"I want to go two months to the sea, may I?"
"You who never stopped being spontaneous."
"Your inner fire."