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PALLAVIDINI originated within a company that made the history of jewelry in Valenza and Italy. In 1957 Luigi Guerci and Dario Pallavidini, founded the GuerciPallavidini goldsmith company , specializing in the production of high-end frames and still leading the industry today.

Generational change

In 2003, Alessandro Pallavidini, son of Dario, launched the revolutionary PALLAVIDINI brand on the market, where the timeless shape of the sphere is the protagonist. PALLAVIDINI's is the story of three generations who take turns, pass on experiences, and approach each other with a critical, but always constructive spirit.

The first collection

The first collection was called "Initial Phase," precisely because it was the beginning, but also because it was the initials of the alphabet on 18k gold spheres, enameled, polished or satin-finished. The collection is still very modern and has been restyled, where Customers can order and personalize their own necklace.


The brand's iconic "Pallachegira" collection has evolved in materials and details, where the first idea has been constantly refined. PALLAVIDINI holds the patent for the rotating sphere, which makes the objects distinctive and recognizable.