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PALLAVIDINI has the technical skills andexperience to create a number of masterpieces, limited editions, or one-of-a-kind pieces, all with a distinctively Italian flavor. These jewels require months of study, between the design, the search for the highest level of raw materials and the careful execution of the smallest details. Masterpieces are delivered to the Client in handcrafted, hand-lacquered wooden boxes, often personalized. PALLAVIDINI makes jewelry for sophisticated and international Clientele, who love Italian craftsmanship.

Handmade bracelet in 18k white gold, 30ct. certified diamonds, with antique-effect satin arches. Unique piece.
 18k white gold and diamond ring. Sold.
18k yellow and white goldnecklace with bees on which are set white and
blacks. The softness of the gold fabric is reminiscent of that of cashmere. Unique piece.
Latin World
Necklace and ring in 18k white gold and diamonds, inspired by the historic photo found in the Company's attic depicting Alessandro Pallavidini as a child with a large sphere. Sold at.
18k white gold and diamond necklace, with spheres rotating on the gold itself. It represents the feminine universe. Unique piece.
Necklace made of 18k white gold and diamonds, with spheres rotating on themselves. It represents origin, essence, matter. Unique piece.
Rings in 18k white or rose gold with natural corals or turquoise, diamonds and semiprecious stones. They represent vitality, joy. Unique pieces.
18k white gold and diamond bracelet. It represents the road of life. Unique piece.
Ring in 18k white gold and aquamarine. 1975 De Beers Award winner.
Represents union, strength, feminine intellect, life.
Available with various semi-precious stones and in different colors of metal.
Inviting encore
Ring in 18k yellow gold and certified Colombian emerald. New version in the wake of the success of the historic model. Available with various gemstones and in different colors of metal.