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Tailor-made classic

Timeless but surprising in their contemporaneity. Evergreens are designed to crown life's important moments and give unique and unforgettable emotions. A trait d'union between a technique established over decades and a modern design that is always on the cutting edge.
Our solitaires are recognized as top level on the market and have always been the most imitated in the world. Thanks to our patents, we have always protected our inventiveness; to recognize the originals you must verify that the 794AL hallmark is affixed.
PALLAVIDINI uses raw materials of the highest range and can afford to give the best by not having high distribution costs, because Customers buy directly from the source.
Our diamonds are all certified GIA quality VVS1- D/E/F, and the settings are made with a very white palladium alloy that will never yellow over time.

For those who want to give their family jewelry a new look, PALLAVIDINI offers a professional tailoring service, thanks to its decades of experience. The possibility of recovering metal and often even gems makes it possible to totally renovate something unused without large outlays.
Request information and your personalized consultation to make your own custom jewelry:

Solitaires, the best since 1957. Guerci and Pallavidini families.
"The only truly sacred Temple is the world of men united by love."
Maria Rosa Pallavidini
Available in all carats and on Client's budget.
"Those who love, believe in the impossible."
Rosalba Guerci
Customizable and available in various colors.
"Loving is a continuous mediation between reason and instinct."
Alessandra Pallavidini
Rings, pendants and earrings with illusion pavé solitaire effect. Available in various sizes.
"I have come to illuminate your life."
Penelope Pallavidini
Earrings and spotlights available in all caratings on Client's budget.
Tennis bracelets available in various designs and caratings on Customer's budget.
"Champions are made by making many sacrifices."
Dario Pallavidini and Luigi Guerci