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Alexander Pallavidini

PALLAVIDINI is a luxury jewelry brand born in Valenza in 2003 from theeclectic mind of Alessandro Pallavidini.
His family history is the history of jewelry in Valenza: his father Dario, with partner Luigi Guerci, founded in 1957, the company Guerci Pallavidini. Positioning itself still today as a leading brand in the Italian jewelry scene.

PALLAVIDINI was born from a moment of pure creative inspiration, coinciding with a period of decisive professional and personal turning point for Alexander. Rather shy and detached, he understands that a piece of jewelry is much more than what it shows. Craftsmanship and ethical choices highlight its multiple meanings and symbologies. A semantic in-depth work, his, typical of someone who does not stop at appearances and who is not content to arrive where others have already arrived.
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Alessandro is a forerunner of the times and thanks to his keen sensitivity he manages to perceive the fast market changes always inserting himself first with the leading role on the scenes of the jewelry world. A great communicator and creative, he has the role of Art Director of the brand.
Alessandro before starting his long career was an author of lyrics for songs, called by Mogol, confirming a unique perceptiveness and creative DNA of the family.

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