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Our diamonds have certification that guarantees their origin from legitimate sources (kimberley process), assuring our Customers that they are buying gemstones from conflict-free sources. PALLAVIDINI is an ethical and sustainable company where the passion for our art is combined with the desire to respect nature and the world we live in. Gemstones are precisely elements of nature, an immense gift from our Planet.
All production processes are traceable, no polluting materials are used, and by choice we have adopted a plastic free system, where even water bottles for employees and Clients are made of glass.

Corporate welfare

Alessandro Pallavidini puts the existential quality of his family and employees at the center of his life. That is why he offers everyone a weekly hour of corporate gym to maintain a good mental and physical balance that helps on performance at work. It has also established an office library where everyone can read and check out books on gemology, marketing, economics, motivational stories. Continuing to nurture curiosity and cultural background is very important.