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Gold Experience

The Gold Experience is the first and only guided tour inside the PALLAVIDINI goldsmith company in Valenza.
During the exclusive experience, it will be possible to learn how jewelry is created through a cultural and sensory journey.
The Gold Experience includes a commentary in three languages during the company tour, allowing visitors to totally immerse themselves in an atmosphere of art, luxury, craftsmanship and history. It is also possible to purchase PALLAVIDINI jewelry, directly in our Boutique assisted by our representatives and, upon request, with Alessandra, who will offer style advice on jewelry selection, accurate information about stones, as well as a "tailor-made" service.


The steps

The Gold Experience is divided into several stages: the Workshop, the Art Room, the Small Museum, the Childhood Room, and the Boutique.

The laboratory

Through installations it is possible to learn about the various stages of workmanship, learning about the tools used by our Master Goldsmiths and the many specialized figures that the production cycle requires, such as embedders, cleaners, stone sorters, waxers, designers.
Guests can view explanatory photos, touch tools and metals, and watch dedicated videos. Education will also be given on diamonds and precious gems through the explanation of a chart that helps to recognize all their characteristics. It is important to receive training, as well as to establish a trusting relationship, before buying a piece of jewelry.

The art room

Clients can enter a Room filled with works of art by painter Giovanni Pallavidini, learn about his history, smell the oil colors on his palette, browse photo books of his galleries. This is to understand how the Art of Goldsmithing travels in parallel with that of painting, where everything starts from creativity, from the idea. A handcrafted piece of jewelry communicates uniqueness, as unique as women are, unlike an industrial product, which communicates total homologation. The PALLAVIDINI family has been artists for three generations.

The small museum

We have created a small Company Museum after years of research among artifacts of historical and cultural interest. Here it is possible to admire and touch the antique tools of the goldsmiths, the workbench with which the founder began his career, the antique sieve of the gold diggers, documentation of the origins of the Company from 1957 to the present, the numerous Awards received, a selection of drawings from the various eras, an archive of prototypes, made entirely by hand, when there was no design software, a photo book, metal alloys, and much more.

The childhood room

This Surprise Room, in the attic is the heart of the PALLAVIDINI philosophy.
Our Clients, accomplished, committed women, feel the need to feel like children again, free from conditioning, to manifest their authentic and playful side, through our jewelry.
The Company was the home of Alessandro Pallavidini during his childhood, so its history and evolution is told through exhibits related to this period of his own and his family members.

The boutique

In our boutique you can admire the spherical-themed collections of our PALLAVIDINI line, the classics, an easy line for undemanding purchases, and possibly make your own requests for customized jewelry or with jewelry that Clients want to refurbish by reclaiming materials.

Free admission by appointment.

Euro 150 single visits.

Euro 250 total visits from 2 to 6 people maximum.

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