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The jeweler

Alessandra Acquarone Pallavidini, wife of Alessandro, is brand ambassador of PALLAVIDINI jewelry through the dissemination of content on its social pages. Her aristocratic lineage, sunny disposition, and innate elegance are characteristics that quickly make her a style icon. Alessandra is a graduate of the Catholic University of Milan and comes from the world of luxury, where she was manager of a well-known brand.
She recently founded her own Company, which carries out activities parallel to the parent company, managing all the retail side. Thanks to her expertise in gemology and long experience in the field, she offers practical, technical and aesthetic advice to the Clientele, who can make an appointment at the headquarters or in the boutique. Alessandra also offers bespoke jewelry making and transforms unused jewelry from Clients into contemporary jewelry, recovering materials and offering the opportunity to wear and enjoy their gems again.
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