Wearing a piece of jewelry from the Primitiva collection allows you to get back in harmony with the world through the celebration of nature. PALLAVIDINI is aimed at independent women who have achieved important goals and are always dreaming of new goals to reach, love beauty and know how to laugh at themselves, knowing that in one's lightheartedness lies great power. This collection adds to the spherical element, values strongly related to nature. The jewelry enters into symbiosis with the animalier theme, bringing to light scents, colors and sensations. The rediscovery of this connection with it brings us back to being one the wonders of the world.

White gold necklace whose design is inspired by the sphere and blends with the figure of the puffer fish in all its details. The painstaking yellow gold work on the body resembles spines while the eyes and tail are set with diamonds. The chain is adjustable and ends with the decorative sphere and round tag synonymous with originality and made in Italy.

Wearing this jewelry brings back the awe and wonder toward the beauty that surrounds each of us, bringing back to life the authentic and unconditional emotions of one's childhood.

PALLAVIDINI offers an unlimited warranty certificate on every piece of jewellery.


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Additional information


18k yellow gold with burnished effect

Ball measurement

Diameter mm 20




18K alloy gold


b.b. 0.2

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